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Dr. Ann listened to me, she CORRECTLY diagnosed me, helping me realize that I was exposed to mold in the past, and that has been the source of other health problems, including the Candida!!! I’m only two months into my detox with Dr. Barter, and I feel like I felt 6 years ago when I had tons of energy, felt great and looked great!

- Shireen

Dr. Barter is a very gifted healer! After my last session, I felt a complete turnaround in my physical, mental, and emotional well-being. She is very intuitive, highly knowledgeable, and incorporates a number of very helpful modalities and techniques. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!

- Laurie

Dr. Ann Barter is incredibly talented and supportive. She quickly assessed my blood work and helped me adjust my diet and lifestyle to not only greatly improve my complexion and energy levels, but also my overall well being.

- Ashby L.