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Dig yourself out of your depression with some guidance from Denver-based chiropractor, wellness and lifestyle coach Dr. Ann Barter.

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April 14th, 2021

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Depression is a debilitating symptom and about 80% of the patients that come into my office and seek care have some level of depression. They generally have complaints of severe fatigue, sugar cravings, insomnia, bloating, bowel disruption, skin issues, not feeling well-rested after long hours of sleep, being overwhelmed with ideas to manage, and lack of enjoyment for life.


We take a multifactorial approach to treating depression and figuring out why neurotransmitters are low. We make a plan based on testing and we treat so that depression resolves without being dependent on supplements, herbs, or medications.


Secrets You'll Learn:

* What foods increase dopamine and serotonin

* Sunlight affects Dopamine and serotonin levels

Along With:

* How fasting changes dopamine and serotonin levels

* How sleep impacts serotonin and dopamine levels

And Even:

* What destroys your dopamine and serotonin levels

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